Long time users of the internet would certainly have noticed the growing popularity of videos on websites over the past few years. From a gradual shift of mainly text-based pages to the ever increasing use of photos and graphics, the transition to videos has been gathering momentum. It has been claimed that: “Video is the most powerful way to introduce a brand to consumers, capture their attention and encourage them to make a purchase”. This is a trend companies cannot ignore, especially if you’re in a business that regularly promotes offerings to potential buyers and current users.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of videos and motion graphics on the web. We explore a few of them here:

TV commercials have already set the trend

We are all used to seeing TV commercials as one of the most effective ways in which companies promote their goods and services. Even the most established brands continually pour out commercials and promotional messages in the form of short, sharply crafted videos on an ongoing basis to keep consumer awareness of their brand high. Think of some of the most popular household names: Coca Cola, Adidas, British Airways, Virgins and a whole string of others. They all use commercial videos on TV, in cinemas and on the web to promote their products and services. And some of the best videos are now shared virally and on websites such as this one.

Promotional videos can be educational too

The use of promotional videos and motion graphics can be the beginning of a process to educate and inform potential customers and current users about your great products and services that they may not yet be familiar with, but which can make a difference to their work or quality of life. Especially with new products, including the fast growing arena of apps, your company will need to let people know about what you are offering, help them to appreciate situations in which they can actually use the product and demonstrate how it will benefit them.

Sense of humour and the light touch

The best commercial and promotional videos often demonstrate a high level of creativity and a great sense of humour or playfulness, which make them fun to watch and easy to digest. As one blog writer puts it: “Some can even make you look twice.” Some of the best promotional videos are subtle rather than overt and over-bearing in how they push their messages. Is this a quality that your company can learn from when promoting your next app or product?

Establishing authenticity

Most of all, promotional videos can help to establish the authenticity of your company and products in the eyes of potential customers and current users. With so many scams and spam floating around the internet, there are many situations when people are disuaded from buying because they are not sure of the character and reputation of the company, despite the fact they have excellent products. Through well-produced promotional videos and motion graphics, potential customers can be given tangible sense of the company’s authenticity by seeing a team of real people behind the company’s products and branding.

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