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Apple and school books

Creating educational websites


When it comes to creating an educational site, the same principles apply. With any site, it needs to adhere to those important aesthetic values in order to be a success. The best way to start is to take a look at some of the most visually compelling educational sites out there. Writing in Vandelay Designs,… Read more »


The psychology of site structure


In our last post, we talked about how the way you use links on your site fundamentally affects the site’s relationship with search engines (who hold the keys to web traffic). Done well, internal linking makes your site more navigable, which makes it easier for the likes of Google et al. to ‘trawl’ through all… Read more »


Top tips for excellent site navigation (part 2)


As we explored in our previous post, it’s important to make sure that the most important elements of your site – your content and your services – are at the heart of any information architecture you develop. Web design can be an immensely powerful beast, and as we’re about to see, the worst thing you… Read more »

android icons

Top tips for excellent site navigation (part 1)


We’ve seen a number of trends in site navigation come and go since the birth of the web. From splash pages in the 90s (see link for retro Space Jam website) to ‘mega’ drop-down menus, the history of web is, in part, a history of bad – if timely – design decisions. Since the rise… Read more »

User info

Information architecture – knowing your user


In our last post in this series, we discussed the problems posed by the sheer size and breadth of the information economy today. Sites are now forced to compete with one another not just for hits, but for increasingly fleeting and scarce user attention spans. Approaching this problem requires a multi-faceted strategy. Among very technical… Read more »

info architecture

Information architecture: pay attention!


We are constantly being told that the most important factor in gaining traffic and engaging visitors to your site is regular, quality content—and lots of it. Indeed, a clear and well thought-out content strategy is vital for reaching new audiences and clients. However, if faced with an information overload, people are quickly going to turn… Read more »