So you’ve created a great app and want to get it downloaded onto the phones and tablets of people who could benefit from your invention, and hopefully you’ll be fairly compensated for your endeavours! We’ve suggested in a previous post that a promotional video or motion graphics animation can help you to do just that. In order to demonstrate how the app can be used or to show people the capabilities of an app in an entertaining or practical way, a video is preferable to other forms of communication such as text-based write ups.

We shared some great examples of app promo videos in our last post. But how do you go about generating ideas for a promotional video and get one made for you? We can approach this from quite a few angles, some of which we explore below. But first, play a little game with with us: here are two apps, both under a minute long, to look at. Under which category would you place them? And do they spark off some ideas for a promotional video for your own app?

The Replay app –

I love camping prom –

I wish we’d done that!

Sometimes you see a promo of somebody else’s app and wish it’d been done for your product! You don’t have to turn green with envy, you can choose to get a similar app done for you. Instead of being jealous, take the path of inspiration. It’s not about copying other people’s ideas, it’s about learning from some of the best examples and being moved to generate your own ideas. The end product may look completely different from the original inspiration once you get moving on your own ideas. Inspiration can also take the form of a riposte, or it could even take a humorous angle. TV ads are known for both of these tactics, and they both work well.

We can do better

Sometimes we see a promo video and think there’s something about it that just doesn’t hit the nail on the head, so to speak. This can be another source of inspiration to get a superior video made to promote your app. Identify the x-factor missing in the promo video you’ve seen and get that put into your video! If you think you can do better, let’s help you do better.

Two or more heads are better than one

Thankfully, you don’t have to generate all the ideas for a promotional video by yourself. Instead, you can get your motions graphics designers on board as soon as possible and work as a team to brainstorm ideas, storyboard some of your concepts, and consider examples of what might work for your app. That being said, it does pay dividends to have a clear vision for the project before you get other people on-board to help.

The missing promo video for fence-sitters

We’ve all got those apps on our tablets and phones that looked like a good purchase but ultimately ended up unused. And there are those tempting apps we keep looking at and wish we can just see a demo or a promo video to help us decide whether the app will meet our needs and expectations. As an app developer you can help people in the latter category – the fence-sitters – to make up their minds with a motion graphics video.

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