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Five reasons to design your own icons for your web site


Icons form visual languages that (like any other language) operate within their own systems of convention and association in order to convey meaning. Whereas spoken language offers the scope for infinite finesse, personal tone, and even ambiguity, the role of iconic language is to invariably provide clarity and brevity – to render the message simple,… Read more »

The different facets of software icons


To get an inkling of how powerful icons can be in applications, you just need to watch a kid playing video games. They’re brilliant at figuring out what those little symbols in a game represent, quickly figuring out how following trails of icons in a particular order would lead to dramatically different outcomes – such… Read more »

iPhone Icon Design


It might seem as if it was released yesterday, but the iPhone has been around for quite a while now, along with one of its key features: apps. If you’re writing or thinking about writing a new app for the iPhone, whether free or commercial, something you need to think about pretty early on is… Read more »