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Icon Design Software: ‘Icon Workshop’ Part I


Axialis have recently released version 6.62 of their excellent ‘Icon Workshop‘ Icon Design software so I thought it was a good enough excuse to talk about the software and how I use it. Icon Workshop What does it do? Icon workshop has been around for a number of years now, prior to which there weren’t really… Read more »

Happy New Year Icon Designers!


…well that includes everyone really. 🙂 “Out with the Old and in with the New” As we followed our annual family routine just after midnight on New Year’s Eve, (and I don’t just mean just having far too much to drink!) of opening the back door to let out 2011 and then opening the front… Read more »

Icon Design

The importance of ‘concept sketches’ in Icon Design


I find the most efficient way to produce quality icons is to spend a good proportion of the time allocated for the project, on the initial ‘Style Development’ stage. It might sound pretty obvious but getting this part of the project spot on can save a great deal of time later on. The client needs… Read more »

Apple iPad and iPhone App Icon Sizes

Apple iPhone & iPad App Icon Sizes


Need iOS 9 Icon Sizes? Check out our new simple guide * UPDATED* 03/10/2012 * For the New iPad Retina display & iPhone 5 All you need to know about the required iPhone & iPad App Icon Sizes Apple’s iPad and more recently iPad 2 have been with us for quite a while now so… Read more »

Custom Icon Design Tutorial

Step-by-step: How to Design a Custom Icon


Designing a Button Style Custom Icon This tutorial will explain the process of designing and creating an icon from one of my favourite sets of custom icons. This dark, metallic and slightly glossy set was produced for a ‘button-type’ custom icon design to be used in a PDA driven software application. The icons all feature… Read more »

Android App Icon Sizes (3.0)


For up-to-date information see: Android (4.1) Icon Size Guide Made Simple Android runs on many different hardware platforms with different screen sizes and pixel densities. For this reason it is a little more complex to create icons for compared to something like the iPhone, as depending on the platform your App is aimed at, you… Read more »

Icon Sizes

Scaling Icons – Multiple icon sizes made easy (well, easier)


Keeping things crisp when Scaling Icons During a large custom icon design project with multiple application icon and interface icons, it can sometimes be a daunting task having to create multiple size versions of the same icon – assuming you’re working with pixel-based ‘bitmap’ raster icons. Indeed, in the majority of instances, it is not… Read more »

Windows 7 Application Icon Sizes

Windows Icon Size Guide (Win 7 ICO Format)


A Quick & Easy guide to Microsoft Windows Icon Size There is sometimes a little confusion over the different sizes required to create a Windows 7 Application Icon file. This is in some way brought about by the flexibility of the ICO format and its ability to ‘contain’ many image sizes and colour depths but… Read more »

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Why Fireworks Rocks for Rendering Crisp Icons


As an Icon Designer I am a big fan of Adobe Fireworks, which doesn’t get the kudos of its more popular siblings such as Photoshop and Illustrator but there are some things it does far better and most revolve around its excellent handling of the PNG file format. What is so great about PNG? The… Read more »