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Windows 7 Application Icon Sizes

Windows Icon Size Guide (Win 7 ICO Format)


A Quick & Easy guide to Microsoft Windows Icon Size There is sometimes a little confusion over the different sizes required to create a Windows 7 Application Icon file. This is in some way brought about by the flexibility of the ICO format and its ability to ‘contain’ many image sizes and colour depths but… Read more »

adobe logos

Why Fireworks Rocks for Rendering Crisp Icons


As an Icon Designer I am a big fan of Adobe Fireworks, which doesn’t get the kudos of its more popular siblings such as Photoshop and Illustrator but there are some things it does far better and most revolve around its excellent handling of the PNG file format. What is so great about PNG? The… Read more »

Icon Designers

JOBS: Talented Icon Designers Wanted!


We are looking for new creative Icon Designers to join our team of freelancers. Ideal candidates will have Icon Design experience and be highly proficient in Illustrator/Freehand, Photoshop or Fireworks. If you don’t yet have Icon Design experience but are a creative illustrator and fancy a fresh challenge, then Icon Design may well be for… Read more »

Brand Icon

Your icon, your brand: a fresh look


Icons and logos can be an important part of the overall package to brand and market products. It’s no wonder that some companies spend huge budgets on brand design and marketing. Other factors being equal, the companies that create h4 or easily identifiable brands usually get a head start in the competition for customers. In… Read more »

Interface design

Five rules for effective interface design


An important element of developing an application is conveying usability through the interface for users of the product. Users need to feel that the application has been developed to meet their needs through extensive market research, as well as finding it simple and straightforward to use. Too often, however, developers go overboard from a design… Read more »

Warning Icon

Top three tips for being tactful in icon design


Designing a fresh set of icons can really revamp the interface and usability of your application or product. There are several factors to consider when choosing your icons: size, simplicity, use of colour, avoiding text, etc. But these icons can sometimes represent a function through metaphor, and in so doing it is important that your… Read more »

Brand Icon

Give your brand a new look with 3D icons


The use of 3D icons is an ideal way to give your application, program or website a fresh look. Whether you are starting something new, or wanting to inject new life into an existing set of icons by sprucing them up, three-dimensionality could be the way to go whatever your theme, be it business, technology,… Read more »

Icon Manager

Icon Design Project Management Software


The scope of the design projects we undertake can vary enormously, from relatively small projects for iPhone and iPad applications, requiring just a handful of files, to larger software applications that require hundreds of individual icons in many sizes and states, leading to the production of thousands of files, all needing to be documented and… Read more »

Glossy Icon

Achieving design effects on your icons


Getting a new icon set for your website or application often means going back to the drawing board. You would be considering many aspects during the design process such as how your new icons will convey your business or brand’s identity, and whether the images used are relevant in identifying the functions they represent or… Read more »

Four interface design tips all web designers need to know


Don’t alienate your users If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. This doesn’t mean that everything you do should follow the same old look – after all, experimentation is necessary for growth and change. However over time we have been accustomed to several conventions on the web – conventions which have stuck because they… Read more »