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How to create the globe icon in Photoshop


In this lesson I’ll tell how to draw an object that is very often used in icons. This object can easily either spoil or improve image, the thing is in details. I’ll use 256x256px icon size in the lesson, but all the rules below are valid for any size. Perhaps only for icons in size… Read more »

GIS Software Icons

Custom Icons for GIS Software


The latest addition to our portfolio is an icon design project recently completed for Geograt GmbH. Geograt specialise in Geographical Information Systems software and required an icon style that would fit in with Windows 7 but also reflect their brand identity. For more information, please visit our Icon Design Portfolio. Thanks, Adam 🙂

Windows 8 Main

Windows 8 ‘Metro’ Icons


Windows 8 looks to be the biggest leap in operating systems since Windows 95 with a very fresh approach both in terms of aesthetics and usability. Microsoft is of course making lots of big and bold claims about the performance of Windows 8, which may or may not be accurate, but I’m more interested in… Read more »

Icon Designers Toolbox

Icon design software: My favourite toolkit


What is the best icon design software to use in your work? Do you really need so much? When the first graphic interfaces appeared, and nobody knew about “icon design” as a specialty, icons were small and monochrome as displays. With higher screen resolutions, the number of icons and the colors in them have grown… Read more »


Making your icons package a winner on all fronts


This week we discuss a set of distinctions that we’ve mentioned before on this blog but which we need to revisit every so often in this business: What are the criteria that make a good design package? How do we make our icons package a winner in all aspects of design? It’s true that every… Read more »


Asking simple questions to create a great design brief


Although we’ve been focused on icon design tutorials for designers in recent months, there are other aspects of this business that we want to cover from time to time. For example, how do we want our clients to communicate with us when commissioning icons? What are the best design principles that we need to take… Read more »

Vector Shad Main

How to Create Vector Drop Shadows in Illustrator


This article looks at how to keep your Illustrator files ‘fully’ vector and still create an attractive vector Drop Shadow effect. For any icon designer it’s a straight-forward process to create a nice, feathered, transparent drop shadow in Photoshop, and the same process can be followed in Illustrator too by using the ‘Effect -> Stylize… Read more »

Icon Workshop

Icon Design Software: ‘Icon Workshop’ Part II


Icon Scaling What I really love about Icon Workshop is its fantastic scaling engine. I did a comparison in a previous post (Why Fireworks Rocks for Icons), of how the Adobe products render off 16×16 PNG files and the results were different for each product but none of them compares to how well Icon Workshop… Read more »

Icon Workshop

Icon Design Software: ‘Icon Workshop’ Part I


Axialis have recently released version 6.62 of their excellent ‘Icon Workshop‘ Icon Design software so I thought it was a good enough excuse to talk about the software and how I use it. Icon Workshop What does it do? Icon workshop has been around for a number of years now, prior to which there weren’t really… Read more »

Happy New Year Icon Designers!


…well that includes everyone really. 🙂 “Out with the Old and in with the New” As we followed our annual family routine just after midnight on New Year’s Eve, (and I don’t just mean just having far too much to drink!) of opening the back door to let out 2011 and then opening the front… Read more »

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