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Microsites in the age of social media


Microsites: for you? Getting your site right is difficult. Not only do you have to contend with the many aspects of design in order to make the desired impact, you also have to ensure regular, quality content is produced in order to secure vital hits and traffic for your products from elsewhere on the web…. Read more »


Getting emotional: giving your site a personality


As we discussed last time, emotion is a powerful tool in web design. Different elements of design, from colour schemes and photography, can be used to influence a user’s interaction with your site in a certain way. An emotionally engaging site is a powerful site. Emotion-oriented design isn’t just about crafting a particular response from… Read more »

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Christmas-ing your web design


It’s the time of year where cheesy, tacky Christmas design is inescapable. From Christmas knitwear to Christmas-tree ice creams, it seems like everyone is hellbent on making sure we are all absolutely 100% aware that it definitely is the season to be jolly. Whether you’ve been waiting all year to wear a jingle bell scarf,… Read more »


Getting emotional: giving your site feelings


Emotion is not something you would normally associate with web design. Even if you’re a die-hard design enthusiast, you’re probably not going to start getting teary-eyed over excellent mobile-first scaling or a straightforward navigation system. However, ‘emotion’ in design isn’t simply about evoking feelings we view as being ‘emotional’. Emotion in design is about appealing… Read more »


Minim(al)ising your site design: negative space, contrast, and colour


Many design trends come and go, but one movement that seems to continually endure is minimalism. Famed for its use of negative space, simple (often monochromatic) colour schemes, and sparse design features, minimalism still enjoys a lot of popularity—particularly in the worlds of fashion, interior design, and web design. With mobile-first and responsive design increasingly… Read more »


Top tips for excellent site navigation (part 2)


As we explored in our previous post, it’s important to make sure that the most important elements of your site – your content and your services – are at the heart of any information architecture you develop. Web design can be an immensely powerful beast, and as we’re about to see, the worst thing you… Read more »

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Top tips for excellent site navigation (part 1)


We’ve seen a number of trends in site navigation come and go since the birth of the web. From splash pages in the 90s (see link for retro Space Jam website) to ‘mega’ drop-down menus, the history of web is, in part, a history of bad – if timely – design decisions. Since the rise… Read more »


Mobile web design: 3 common pitfalls to avoid


With the vast majority of users now accessing the internet primarily through mobile devices, designers are now faced with many new qualitative problems which require unique solutions. We’ve discussed a few of the general philosophies underlying good mobile design practice, but here are a few common pitfalls that, if avoided, can really boost your mobile… Read more »

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Information architecture – knowing your user


In our last post in this series, we discussed the problems posed by the sheer size and breadth of the information economy today. Sites are now forced to compete with one another not just for hits, but for increasingly fleeting and scarce user attention spans. Approaching this problem requires a multi-faceted strategy. Among very technical… Read more »