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Getting navigation right: linking matters


Search engine optimisation, or SEO, seems to be the phrase at the tip of everybody’s tongue these days. Using a range of complex, opaque algorithms, SEO has supposedly helped to monetise good content and reward ‘good sites’ through boosted search engine rankings. SEO experts constantly reiterate the importance of things like metadata, shareability, regular content,… Read more »

UX tips

8 UX tips for creating flawless gaming apps


A game app’s user interface is the platform where the user interacts i.e. enters his inputs and receive feedbacks from the game. Henceforth, UI is considered as the means to achieve a satisfying user experience for the gamers. A game app’s utility primarily lies in the kind of user experience it delivers. If it fails… Read more »

Pokemon augmented reality

Augmented reality in Pokémon Go: part 2


In our last post, we explored the Pokémon Go interface in a couple of different ways – with a particular focus on how its well-designed icons help make its otherwise sparse and unintuitive interface aesthetically pleasing and usable. As an almost entirely map-based app and one of the most ‘popular’ games in the world currently,… Read more »

Android Icon Sizes made simple

Android Icon Size guide for Android 6 Marshmallow


What size are Android Icons? It is a simple question but even Android, who provide better icon documentation than most, seem to want to make you work a little for the answer. Fear not, I have compiled a simple Android icon size guide for you! There are two types of Android icons, those that launch… Read more »


Pokémon Go icons: part 1


As we’ve explored multiple times in the past, icons are an increasingly universal – and extremely effective – feature of many mobile games. They’re an incredibly quick way of getting a message across (“we process visual information 60,000 times faster than text”, so the saying goes), and ultimately help keep the user experience seamless and… Read more »


Map icons suck!


Ever since the birth of the Google Maps app, map interface designers have relied heavily on icons to help their users navigate both the app and the world around them. Its popularity was huge, and it has laid the groundwork for many navigation-based apps (including Pokemon Go and Ingress) since. However, this has been a… Read more »


‘Packaging’ your icons


Designing great app icons isn’t a solo endeavour on the part of a designer. Icons require careful feedback and consultation between clients and designers at each stage of development in order to ensure the final product is as good as it can be. Let’s start by talking about the idea of a ‘final’ product. Obviously,… Read more »

Infographic icons

How can custom icons boost infographics?


As we’ve explored previously, infographics are an immensely powerful tool for explaining things to audiences in a highly shareable and easy-to-digest format. With 90% of information transmitted to the brain being visual, and with quality infographics being one of the most sought-after marketing tools today, icons can play an integral role in creating a successful… Read more »

App interface

What can your app interface tell users about your brand?


These days, apps are frequently touted as the ‘must-have’ fix-all solution to any and all PR and branding woes. There’s been plenty of discussion about whether or not brands really need apps to succeed in today’s markets, and it has been often noted that the app market has become completely over-saturated by useless, identikit apps…. Read more »