Great app promo videos engage & convert

Video is becoming ever more pervasive as a way to convey information, discuss ideas and market products both on and offline. A viral video can cause someone or something’s popularity to snowball, so it’s no surprise that more and more developers are turning to video to promote their apps. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the most effective app promo videos.

Embark’s promo video has a loose story which keeps the viewer’s attention whilst demonstrating the app’s various functions. One of the video’s best qualities is that it shows how the app’s features can be utilised in different circumstances, which is particularly important to exhibit for a multi-faceted app like Embark. The real-life situations demonstrated in the video suggest solutions which could be transferred to the viewer’s own life.

Similarly, Trippy’s promotional video follows the booking of one person’s trip, demonstrating how different functions of the app can be used to plan various parts of the holiday. The upbeat music and clever scene transitions keep the video engaging and light-hearted.

Using a simple story in your promo video can be an effective way of communicating how an app works and how it can be transferred to the viewer’s own life. This also helps to keep viewers engaged with the video through to the end. However, a promo video without a story can also be highly effective.

Using special effects

Flipboard’s promo video, for example, uses special effects to illustrate how links can be virtually shared between people and collected in a single app. This approach is more interesting than simply showing the app on-screen, but simpler than trying to use a story which could make the video more complex than necessary.

To-do list app Clear manages to get away with around 90% of its promo video showing the app in use on-screen. Without words or story, the simplicity of the app’s user interface is showcased with its interesting sound effects highlighting the different functions available.

In a recent article we discussed the risks and rewards of using humour in web design, and many of the points also stand for video. I Get You Pro, which we also featured in our blog post, pulls off the humorous approach very effectively, using animated cartoons to tell a light-hearted story about how the app works. Though the app is mostly intended for a corporate setting, the style of the video is personal and laid-back, gently encouraging viewers to see what the app can do for them.

These are just a handful of examples of the many great promotional videos out there. The range of approaches and styles illustrates the power that video has, and how it can be used to effectively market apps – as well as other products and services. Not least of all, take a look at the example of what can be accomplished with motion graphics on our own website and get in touch to discuss how we can help you to develop a video of your own.

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